Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tatting and watercolor intersected

Haven't posted anything for a while cause I have been finding lots of pleasure in watercoloring and I didn't want to transform this weblog to a watercolor corner !

But I have done tatting ! Here is a bookmark pattern of which is freely available here. I love all the details in this pattern. Its very intricate.

I can't wait to get to my paintings :P , I have done plenty so I won't post them here at once but I will add a few with a new tatting each time. This is how I am trying to keep the balance between the two !
First a landscape of a rock in the horizon. I have done it on a sketchbook so the paper wasn't good enough for lots of washes this painting had.
Rock in horizon
Next, A chair in perspective. Its a real chair sitting in the corner of our living room.
Chair in perspective

And last is a post card in spirit of the season. Ready to me mailed out to a dear friend:)
Happy new 2013


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