Monday, December 27, 2010


While I was browsing the web for some interesting patterns a few weeks ago I found some very beautiful snowflakes here at Laura's tatting muse.
I fell in love with them and I decided to tat them. :) Here is the my version of one of the snowflakes :
I wanna tat the other two as well. I will share some photos when they are ready :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bermuda makes a perfect chrismas gift !

I have a book full of tatting patterns which I have bought ages ago when I was in my home country. The patterns don't have much description and I usually get into trouble tatting them. This time I jot got inspired by one of the motifs and tried to design my own! Guess what..Bermuda was born ! :)
Then I tried it on a pink slippers and I loved the outcome :) I think it really makes a perfect gift for Christmas !
I have put the pattern here for those interested in making it. It took me a long time to draw the pattern and yet it could have been smoother. I am not sure whats the best way to draw my patterns. How do you draw your tatting patterns ? Is there a software you use ? Leave me a comment and help me out please !
This pattern is made of two phases.
1.a - Ring 3-3-3
1.b - Chain 8
1.c - Ring 5-5-5-5
1.d - Ring 5-5-6-6-5-5
1.e - Ring 5-5-5-5
1. f - Chain 8
*Repeat steps above 3 times

2.a - Chain 3-5-5-5
2.b - Ring 5-5
2.c - Chain 5-5-5-3
2.d - Ring 5-5-5-5
2.e - Chain 3--5-5-5
2.f - Ring 5-5-5-5
2.g- Ring 5-5
2.h- Chain 5-5-5-3
2.i - Ring 5-5-5-5
Repeat steps above 3 times.