Sunday, November 21, 2010

Flower Diamond

Following my previous work I really loved making another pendant and wait ! this time I came up with my own design :) Its a very simple one but I like it as I came up with the idea myself for the first time. Here is the result :
I have put the pattern here for those interested. Feel free to use it and send me comments and pictures of your adventures :).

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wondrous Window

I chose a very pretty and elegant pendant pattern from Yarnplayer's blog.

I really like the necklace. Here is how I made it:

(I am not a lawyer but after doing some research about patterns and copyrights I think it is fine to come up with my own recipe of wondrous window so I had posted the steps and number of stitches by looking at her work. However, per Yarnplayer's request I am removing them from my blog as I do respect her request.)

The tricky part was connecting chains in step 2 to chains from step 2 of the previous round. I had to flip the pattern over to do it properly but at last I figured it out ! Thanks to Yarnplayer for such a pretty design !

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Square Block

I tried another beautiful design from Jon's designs. I really like the design and the four pretty white squares she has made. I wanted to twist the colors and see the result. Well, It didn't come out as I thought it would ! so I stopped after making only two squares ;) Here is how they look :

Nevertheless, the design is very elegant and I want to share it here with you from Jon's blog :

[As much as the whole tatting adventures I have is a matter of my passion, sharing and art, it is not for many other people out there. So I need to remove the pattern.]
I hope to grow in my tatting skills so that one day I can put designs of my own ! until then I will try to tat and tat and improve ...

start tatting and send me your beautiful motifs :)