Sunday, November 21, 2010

Flower Diamond

Following my previous work I really loved making another pendant and wait ! this time I came up with my own design :) Its a very simple one but I like it as I came up with the idea myself for the first time. Here is the result :
I have put the pattern here for those interested. Feel free to use it and send me comments and pictures of your adventures :).


  1. Looks awesome! :) Thanks for sharing! I will have to try it. :)

  2. Hey that's pretty nice!

    Congrats on your first pattern. I remember how I felt when I made my first pattern (albeit was needle tatted though).

    The photo makes my think of a flower with a star around it!

    It appears that you used a Split Ring to climb out of the center, correct?

    I think done in smaller thread, it would make lovely earrings ;-D

  3. Hi God's kid !
    Thank you so much for the complements :) You have very beautiful tattings too :)
    Try it out and share the result with me ! :)

  4. Hi Lily,

    Thanks for the complements :)

    for the small ring which is climbing out : while you are tatting with two shuttles do this : 11 (with two shuttle) 9 with one shuttle. close it. continue another 11 with two shuttles.

    Hope this description helps. let me know ...

    oh plus I loved your idea about small earings :) I should do it :)

  5. Hi I have recently developed interest in Tatting and am still very new to this creative world ... thank u soo much for sharing this pattern .. I did try it and was satisfied with what i did.. though it needs refinement :))) thanks so much again