Sunday, February 20, 2011

tatted necklace

I finally finished a necklace I have started long time ago. I really liked it but cause I had to repeat the same pattern over and over I quickly got bored and put it aside. Today, finally I am done ! :) It sits beautifully on the neck and the pattern is so easy. everything is 3 double stitches apart.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spring Doily ~ 2

I have been up to tatting a very pretty doily pretty from Vinnie's tattings.  I actually saw the pattern at TATSKOOL first. I fell in love with all those amazing colors she has used. Oh and I was puzzled as where to start and how should I continue which the instructions and numbers on TATSKOOL walked me through it successfully :) here is my version in Vineyard Harvest Lizabeth thread. 

I am thinking of starching my tatting. I still have to do some research on how to do it and what to use for the starch.

Thank you all for you beautiful comments and encouragements.