Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Heart's Desire

After my failure which you can see in my previous post I was determined to get it right !! and finally my heart's desire is fullfilled ;)
It is a very pretty pattern and so much fun to tat cause after you finish half of it you will have to repeat whatever you did BUT in the reverse order ! give it a try :)

I have just realize is an online tatting class which i can receive tatting lessons by mail !! wow its amazing I didn't know it. is anyone out there member of this group ?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

and my broken heart...

The story of my broken heart started with me seeing this pretty tatting and falling in love with it. So I found the pattern here and chose a new thread which I have not tatted anything with yet; and the excitement began....


not soon enough I realized I have gone wrong :( Now I am left with a broken heart.
I cant mend this broken heart but I will make a new one soon. :)