Saturday, January 7, 2012

Starfish Pendant

A new idea for a pendant struck my mind yesterday and I eagerly started to give it life outside my mind. Its a simple pattern overall and uses Self Closing Mock Ring technique(SCMR). I have learnt about SCMR recently and I must say they are a really powerful technique that can add lots of verity to your tatting works. Here is the result

 Here is a diagram showing this tatting pattern:
* Start with a SCMR: C5, R(5- place bead and hold it with a paper clip - 5), C7, R(5- join to the bead in the previous ring- 5) , C5 Close SCMR
repeat steps from * five times

For those of you who are not familiar with SCMR here is a video that helped me in learning SCMR :

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  1. Good explanation, thank you for sharing, but there is a little back ground noise. Just a bit distractive so just an 'FYI' for the next one! Looking forward to more.