Monday, September 5, 2011

I tatted a Star in Clovers

I finally got to finish what I have been working on for so long...I really liked the design but it took me a long time to tat it since it has the most number of stitches I have had to tat for one project ! It is by far the biggest motif I have tatted so I guess its a milestone in my tatting adventures..

It is a design by Jon and you can see the original version along with the pattern here. I am happy with the result but I guess I will be more careful when choosing big patterns like this cause you end up tatting and tatting and it never ends :P ...heh I know what you think...I get bored easily.

Anyhow I am happy I finished the project without leaving it lying there forever :)  So I am happily searching for my next challenge.

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