Wednesday, October 26, 2011

perfect needs practice

The start of making tatted jewellery proved not be easy for me at all!
I started with the book on one side and all the shuttles and beads and threads and all the other good stuff on the other side and I got stuck right at the start :(
Finding the pattern complex for my novice hands I skipped that one and continued with the second pattern in the book. after several times of doing and un-doing I finally managed to finish one earning with some errors and missing beads...
even if you have never seen how beautiful the original tatting by Yarnplayer looks you could still tell this one is not a success...
Nevertheless I still got to finish it somehow which is the only acheivement I got with this pattern !
But hey I'm not a give up...I will start a second, a third and as much more needed to finally get  a good pair!


  1. A good start - like mine... I always seem to need to tat atl;east two or three before I get it right!

    Tatters always tell me to use old, large thread and forget the beads till I get it down pat. I never listen, oh foolish me. Perhaps you will be clever and heed their words! They do make sense!
    Fox ; ))

  2. Haha Thank you Fox. I think I am exactly like you ! I am always so optimistic that i think what if it turned out good and it doesn't have any beads ;)